Men's Chelsea boots - designed for style

Seasons change, and fashion often changes with it. Yet there are some styles that remain classic. The Chelsea boot, which has been on the fashion scene for over 150 years, is an example of a style of shoes which is timeless for both men and women. Now is the time to consider adding a new pair of these stylish and versatile boots to your wardrobe.

The design of the Chelsea boot dates back to Queen Victoria's shoemaker who developed the boots for men and women, for both walking and horseback riding.

Fast forward from the Victorian era to the 1960s in trendy Chelsea, west London, where these shoes became popular among the city's musicians - ever hear of the Beatles? - and trendy elite. The popularity of the classic narrow, low-heeled, sleek leather boot rose for both men and women and took the name of Chelsea with it.

Much like the original design, the modern, classic Chelsea boots are ankle-height and contain either a loop of fabric or a pull tab to make them easy to pull on. The Chelsea boots also contains some elastic to create a nice fit and add to their comfort and ease of taking them on and off. Modern Chelsea boots are smooth leather or suede, and vary in texture, toe style, heel style, and color, which makes them quite suitable for all varieties of men's wardrobes.

Classic Leather Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots allow you to create a variety of looks and styles. Leather Chelsea boots, the most classic of the styles, can allow men to either dress up or dress down an outfit. Sleek, black leather, nicely shined Chelsea boots can lend a sharp look to a suit or business casual outfit, with trouser legs laying just over the top of the boot. The leather Chelsea boot can be a great alternative to the typical dress shoe choice of wingtip or loafer. Whether your day job is formal or casual, the smooth leather, classic Chelsea can add the style and comfort you need.

For the most formal of men's looks, with sharp-tailored suits or trousers and blazers, consider the leather Chelsea boots with stylized pointed toes. Black Chelsea boots pair great with a grey suit; a tan pair of sleek leather Chelseas can match other suit colors.

The same leather Chelsea boot for men, when paired with slim-fit or straight jeans and button down or dress shirt, can add style to an otherwise casual outfit. The jeans should hit just at the top of the boots or slightly over. If you prefer a wider-cut look, consider cuffing the jeans just above the Chelsea boots. When topped with a smart turtleneck sweater and based around classic leather Chelsea boots, even jeans can show off your style and great taste.

Soft Suede Chelsea Boots

If you are seeking a more casual look in general, the suede Chelsea boots for men offer flexibility and interest. Suedes in light or dark brown pair nicely with jeans and make a nice upgrade from sneakers, even if you are wearing just a tee. Suede Chelsea boots pair nicely with outerwear options from a classic pea coat to a trendy bomber jacket.

When treated properly, both suede and leather Chelsea boots can be your go-to in all kinds of weather, adding to their versatility. Their comfortable fit and low heel are perfect for all-day comfort.

Color and Style Tips for your Chelsea Boots

When it comes to colors, stick with brown for lighter and mid-wash denim and midnight blues. Consider matching your sweatshirt or sunglasses to your brown suede Chelsea boots to tie your look together. This is an easy style tip for men and women who are unsure how to combine colors well.

When you are choosing a casual or smart casual for day or night, consider Chelsea boots with a more rounded toe. For the Chelsea boot, even a more casual style will lend a level of class and a trendy look for your most basic go-to outfits.

Making an investment in solid, quality, versatile boots is a wise choice for style-conscious men and women. The Chelsea boot in black or brown, leather or suede, satisfies that need.

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